Long ago, I found all kinds of uses for drying papers. I love the scent, but I also need to earn as much money as I can.


This is why I do so much with my drying sheets (both new and used) rather than just tossing them in my washbasin.


25 uses for drying papers


1. Shine chrome. Moisten a used drying sheet and polish the bathroom faucet or toaster.


2. Keep the scissors sharp by wiping the blades with used paper between uses.


3. Pooh bye pet hair! Rub a drying sheet on the sofa, bed, etc., and it will collect all of the hair from your child's fur.


4. Clean oven shelves. Soak them overnight in dishwashing liquid with some drying papers. The dirt and grime will be wiped off easily the next day.


5. Put it in the drawers and it will keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean for a long time.


6. Ward off mosquitoes and mosquitoes. Put a new sheet in your pocket and leave a few of it sticking out. Those who fly little monsters do not like the smell.


7. The dryer sheet used is the absolute best deciduous piece of cloth. Shelves, floors, and lamps you name it.


8. Soiled pots and pans do not match the drying paper. Soak the pan in water, dishwashing soap, and drying paper for about an hour.


The one that burned on the goo that was stuck before will pay off.


9. One of the great uses for drying papers is a smelly shoe solution. Cut a new sheet in half and place one in half on each shoe.


10. Clean paint brushes. Soak in warm water with a drying paper for a few hours.


11. Keep soap foam away from shower doors. One use of drying sheets that most people don't know is how to use them to clean shower doors. Just wet a new sheet and rub it in. They are amazing.


12. Frizzy hair can be tamed by rubbing your hair with used drying paper.


13. Prevent dust from accumulating on your TV by wiping it with a used sheet.


14. Make your car smell better right away by placing a new dryer under the seat.


15. Have you got streaks of deodorant on your shirt? Rub it with a drying paper!


16. Get rid of toilet rings by scrubbing them with used drying papers.


17. Put a drying sheet inside the folded sheets to make sure they smell "just washed" when making the bed.


18. Keep a drying sheet in your stored luggage. It won't smell bad when you need to use it.


19. Hide dryer sheets around your home to make everything smell fresh and clean.


You can place them under sofa cushions, in baskets, anywhere you can find a hideout.


20. Wipe the curtains with drying sheets once a month. It will help repel dust.


21. Dust off the panels and clean them by rubbing them with used drying paper.


22. Using drying sheets packed in empty toilet paper rolls makes a great start to a fire.


23. Clean hair brushes by soaking them in warm water with a drying paper. New and clean!


24. Send one with your child to put in their school locker. It'll smell much better!


25. Make your own Swiffer pillows. All you need are a few drying sheets and you are good to go.