15 Surprising Uses for Coca-Cola


There is no denying that, Coca-Cola is one of the most popular soft drinks in the world. But I am not here to debate with you whether or not to drink it. Instead, I'd like to share with you the challenging jobs Coca-Cola can handle. As it turns out, there are many different ways you can use cola, not just at the dinner table but even around your house.

Did you realize that Coca-Cola can be used to help you unscrew the rusty bolts in one of your cars, or to remove chewing gum from your child's hair? So you don't have to be a heavy cola drinker to enjoy some of the benefits. These 15 uses for Coca-Cola may surprise you. In case you missed this post, 15 ways to become more self-sufficient

1. Headache reducer

Did you know that when Coca-Cola was first invented, it was primarily used to help relieve headaches, along with reducing inflammation? That's right, and it will work for you like today! Drinking soda while taking ibuprofen or aspirin can help it work faster due to the higher caffeine content in soda.

2. Comfort from constipation
 While there may currently be no scientific data to back this up, much people own sworn up also down that using Coca-Cola as a laxative home remedies actually works while dealing with constipation. Again, this is due to the caffeine in it. Results may vary depending on a person's tolerance to caffeine.

3. It can help prevent an asthma attack
It wouldn't surprise me at all if you were a little skeptical with me about this, but hear me out. Caffeine is somewhat similar to theophylline, which works by opening the airways and relieving asthma symptoms. The caffeine in Coca-Cola is also able to do this by improving lung function for several hours.

4. Treats hiccups
Although I've never personally tried this method of getting rid of hiccups, some have said that gargling Coca-Cola can help stop them. What is your method of treating hiccups? My husband Mark holds his breath for 20-30 seconds and they seem to have gone away, who would have thought?

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5. Tender meat

Besides being drunk for enjoyment, Coca-Cola can be used as a savory seasoning to help soften meat before slapping it on the grill.

6. Make barbecue sauce
It's always fun to try something new, but I don't know what compelled someone to wake up one day and try to use that soda pop as a barbecue sauce. Thankfully, they did, because it's not too shabby from what I hear. Here's the recipe if you're interested.

6. Cleans the chrome
When you're struggling to make your car's chrome shine and reflect like it did before, I assure you, Coca-Cola is the answer. 

7. Blood stain remover
It can be very difficult to remove blood stains from carpet, especially if it is already dry. Once again, thank God we have a TV show like Mythbusters that can clear all doubts.

8. Oil stain remover
As it turns out, Coke can handle oil stains that you've recently drip in your driveway or while you're in the garage. Simply pour the soda over the stain, but make sure the soda is at room temperature. Let it sit there overnight and then pat it to soak it up the next day.

9. Whitens tile grout

Is the grout tile in your bathroom shower starting to corrode again? All you have to do is use a spray bottle filled with Coca-Cola and soak the tile mortar for several minutes. Run some hot water from the shower head and then wipe it off.

10. Window Cleaner
Clean smudges and streaks from windows with Coca-Cola instead of having to rely on window cleaners that will cost you more money. The composition of the citric acid inside the pop is an ingredient somewhat similar to the citrus fruit in those types of detergents. 

11. Cleaning the glasses
Why stop at your windows while you're currently wearing a pair of smudged glasses? All you have to do is pour Coca-Cola onto your cups and wipe them dry. Then repeat these steps with water until you can remove the sticky residue. Now you will see 20/20 vision again.

12. Toilet Cleaner / Car Battery Corrosion
Coca-Cola can certainly be used as a toilet bowl cleaner, as well as to remove rust stains around the base of the toilet. And Matt mentioned, use it to clean up battery corrosion as well.

13. Plant fertilizer
There are many gardeners who will tell you that Coca-Cola is a great fertilizer, but there are also those who advise you not to. Here's more on how to use cola safely, not just as a plant food, but some other ways in your garden. I'll leave it up to you to decide what's best for your plants.

14. Your garden exterminator
Although Coca-Cola and Pepsi deny how this might work, a news report from 2004 revealed that farmers in India are using different types of cola as a cheaper form of pesticide. I don't necessarily suggest you use it on insects in your garden because you may find that you attract a small army of ants.

15. Compost pile acceleration
Is it taking longer to decompose in your compost heap than you'd like? With a dose or two of Coca-Cola, the process will be speeded up due to the citric acid present.