If You Drink Diet Sodas This Is What Happens to Your Body


Sugar-free and simple calorie diet drinks were supposed to be a healthy alternative to the real stuff. It was introduced in the 1950s, but didn't become popular until the Tab debuted in 1963.

I'm old enough that I can remember the tabs in our fridge when I was little. Mom drank them to stay "healthy", but their taste left something to be desired. There have been a few times she's had a drink from her tab if we're out of a regular cola, and there has been nothing wrong with that weird chemical taste of sugar.

These days, diet drinks have come a long way, and they taste a lot like real sugar. However, other studies have not shown a link between the sweetener and cancer. Today, most diet drinks use aspartame as a sweetener, which has also not shown links to cancer.

It's good to know that they don't cause cancer, but that doesn't mean that diet drinks are "good for us.

** Here's what happens instead :

Your appetite increases.
You have cravings for high-carb foods.
Your body prepares to store more fat.

What happens within one hour of drinking diet soda ?

A pharmacist created a chart to explain what our bodies did after we drank Diet Coke. This is what he found.

++ In the first 10 minutes

The enamel of your teeth begins to break down due to the high content of phosphoric acid.
The artificial sweetener aspartame tricks your body into thinking you're consuming sugar.

++ After 20 minutes

Your body reacts to a sweetener just as it does when you drink a sugary soft drink. Insulin stimulates, and your body switches to fat storage mode.
Sweeteners confuse our digestive systems by interfering with our gut bacteria. (An imbalance of healthy bacteria may lead to weight gain.)

++ 40 minutes later

You start to yearn more.
Aspartame change neurotransmitters accountable for addiction in your brain.

++ 60 minutes later

Unlike regular soda, your body is not saturated.
Your thirst is not quenched, and you want more.                                                                                                                       ++ How to stop the diet soda habit ?

If you regularly drink diet sodas, it will likely become a hard habit to break. You crave sparkling sweetness, and you may feel that having one helps you through your day. But if you want to stop, you have two options. You can either slowly lower the amount you drink or stop eating cold turkey.

Your choice depends on what suits you best. Some people find it easier to reduce how much they drink. But others need to stop completely because they find that drinking one soda can trigger their cravings and lead them to want more.

If you drink diet soda regularly, and have completely quit smoking, you will likely be essentially stopping your caffeine intake.

A diet soda can also be a ritual or a break in your day. Here are some ideas for healthy alternatives.

* coffee or tea

If you drink diet soda for energy, coffee or tea can give you a caffeine boost, and it will also help you avoid the side effects of caffeine withdrawal.
Coffee and tea contain healthy antioxidants, although experts agree that it's best to drink no more than six cups of coffee per day. And note, these are 8-ounce cups, not the six Venti-sized cups from Starbucks. If you need a sweetener, try a little honey instead of dumping your drink in packets of sugar.

* sparkling water

I once had a major addiction to Diet Coke. When I stopped drinking it, what I missed the most was the cold and sparkling brew. I have found that a can of La Croix gives me the same pleasure as a can of Diet Coke. La Croix does not contain any artificial or natural sweeteners.
I'll admit, it took a while to get used to the milder flavor of the sparkling water, but now I'm hooked. There are many brands of sparkling water on the market. Just be careful not to get flavored with artificial sweeteners, or else you'll have the same problems you have with diet drinks.

** Water

Sometimes the craving for diet soda can be caused by feeling thirsty. Make sure that you are completely hydrated and that you drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you suffer from brain fog or fatigue, you may find that drinking more water will do.
If you think plain water tastes boring, try soaking it in water. You can add cucumber slices, mint, or lemon to add a bit of flavour.