As parents, we've been reminiscing about our youth and the meals we ate when we were children since becoming parents nearly two months ago. We adored meatballs in tomato sauce, chicken stew with dumplings, and, of course, this creamy rice pudding in an old-fashioned way. We used to eat it in the morning, or our parents would offer it as a sweet supper on weekends for us to enjoy. So we began experimenting with the recipe to see if we could replicate the same taste and texture as the original. In order to do this, we needed to make rice pudding that was extremely creamy, prepared with full-fat milk and served hot in a bowl. We are overjoyed with the outcome and can't wait to share this recipe with you all. We hope that one day our kid will enjoy it as much as we do. 

It's an extremely easy and fast recipe for creamy Old Fashioned Rice Pudding, and it's a hit for both children and adults in our family. 
Make a sweet breakfast, brunch, dessert, or supper using your favorite toppings, such as caramel, chocolate, almonds, or other ingredients, and serve it as a sweet breakfast, brunch, dessert, or dinner. 

It is my goal that you will love this simple and tasty dish, which is suitable for any day of the year. You may keep it in the fridge for up to three days if you want to.


– 4 Cups.Of full-fat milk. 

– 200 gram.Of "Arborio" rice.

– 1 large spoon.Of butter. 

– 2 large spoons.Of sugar. 

– A cinnamon stick.

– A half small spoon.Of vanilla paste.

This is how to make this quick recipe, and I've added also some suggestions for topping, you can try them all!!!

Rice Pudding may be made in the comfort of your own home; You just mix all of the ingredients in a saucepan and cook over medium heat for approximately 25 to 30 minutes. 
It's very wonderful, and you can make it even better by topping it with a topping of your choosing. Here are a few of our personal favorites: 

– Dulce de leche: Toss in a spoonful of dulce de leche for a delectable dessert combination. 

– Chocolate: If you are a fan of chocolate, you will like this chocolaty rice pudding. Sprinkle approximately two teaspoons of shredded or finely chopped dark chocolate -70% cacao- and stirring well. So elegant, and so straightforward. 

– Nutella: if desired, mix a spoonful of Nutella into the rice pudding mixture. This combination is perfect for anybody who likes sweets.  

– Nuts: To add additional texture and crunchiness, add a few chopped nuts to the dish after mixing everything else. Chopped pistachios, chopped hazelnuts, and coconut chips are some of our favorite toppings. 

– The addition of fruit, while we aren't huge lovers of rice pudding with fruit, is always a nice option. A spoonful of your favorite fruit preserves or jam is also a fantastic idea. We like the taste of blueberries or blackberries; it's really delicious. If you like cold rice pudding, you may simply include fresh fruits such as bananas, mangoes, or berries into the recipe.