* Ingredients

°8 ounces rib eye, thinly sliced
°1/2 tsp kosher-salt, divid
°1/4 coarsely ground black pepper, coarsely divided
°1 tablespoon canola oil
°2 teaspoons butter
°1 green pepper cut into slices
°1 yellow onion, sliced
°4 ounces sliced ​​mushrooms
°1 piece of French bread, cut in half lengthwise
°1/3 cup mayonnaise
°8 ounces grated provolone cheese


Heat the oven to 375 degrees. Seasoning steaks with half salt, pepper, & canola-oil. Heat cast iron skillet on high heat also cooking steak for 2 min, without flipping  Adding Worcestershire-sauce also my heart.
Removing from skillet also adding butter /green pepper/ onion/mushrooms, remaining salt, & pepper. Cooking about 3-4 minor to  sauce is lightly brown.
Spreading mayonnaise on both halve bread.
Covering with half of  provolone-cheese, then adding meat slices, vegetables also the remainder of cheese on top.
Baking about 15 min on middle rack, to golden brown.

Enjoy !