Classic no bake cookies

Peanut butter cookies rich in melted chocolate without baking are easy to prepare using only 7 ingredients!

°Half a cup of butter
°Half a cup of milk
°2 cups of sugar
°Half a cup of unsweetened cocoa powder
°1 teaspoon vanilla extract
°1/2 cup soft peanut butter
°3 C rolled oats 

* Methods  :

In  saucepan, heat butter, milk, sugar / cocoa powder on medium-high heat. Stir often while the butter melts.
Let syrup to boil, & adjust your temperature as need to get good boil without overflowing with constant stir. You need to cook the syrup at a constant boil for a whole minute. Set the timer.
Removing skillet To stove & adding vanilla & peanut butter To well mixed . Then stir in easy oats to well coated & evenly distributed in syrup.
Use a large spoon to drop cookie portions into large tablespoons onto a parchment-lined baking sheet or work surface. Leave about 1 inch between cookies to spread.
Let cookies sit at room temperature for 30 minutes.

Enjoy !