Lemon Pie

Citrus lovers, find out this delicately fresh lemon pie recipe it really is smooth to put together. With the proper quantity of sugar, the pie crust will melt the acidity of the lemon cream.

* Ingredients: eight people.

+To put together sweet dough:
°2 hundred g wheat flour
°100gm powdere sugar
°eighty g butter
°1 egg
°pinch salt
To decoraate:
°four lemons (15 cl of juice, three peels)
°a hundred twenty five gm cane sugar
°50 grams butter
°three eggs
°1 c. Heaped  tsp of cornstarch

* Preparation : 

Make the pie dough through pouring the sifted wheat flour, icing sugar, and salt right into a bowl. Add the softened butter and reduce it into pieces. Next, knead the dough through hand together along with your fingertips, then upload the complete egg and knead it to get a homogeneous dough ball. Covering with plastic wrap & set aside for 2 hours within refrigerator.
Preheat the oven to 2 hundred °C (7). Using a rolling pin, unfold pie crust among  sheets of baking paper gently sprinkled with flour. Rolling out dough to a thick of three mm & installed formerly greased also flour tart mold. Prick the dough with a fork, cowl the lowest of the disk with parchment paper and enhance with bread balls. Bake the lowest of the dough to bake white for 10 mins at 2 hundred ° C. Reduce the oven to 180 ° C and keep cooking for 15 mins. Let pie crust cool on a twine rack.
Prepare lemon cream. Grate the peel of three lemons and squeeze the juice from all of the citrus end result to get 15 cl. In bowl, beat eggs with lemon peel &; cane sugar to hard them. Adding cornstarch & whiisk again. In a saucepan, deliver lemon juice to a boil and pour over eggs, whisking vigorously. Pour the lemon cream returned into the saucepan and permit it thicken over low warmness for three mins, stirring constantly. Stop cooking and permit it cool. Mix the butter reduce into pieces. Mix till you get a totally easy consistency.
Decorate pie crust wiith lemon cream. Smooth the floor nicely with a spatula. Let it cool and save withinside the refrigerator at the least an hour earlier than eating.

Enjoy !