The Fruit Salad

* Ingredients :

° 1 pineapple (the GREAT pineapple in the world)
° 1 mango
° 2 kiwis
° 4 fruit
° 2 orange
° 1 grapefruit
° Sort fruits.

* Methods :

Cut the passion fruit in half and, using a spoon, empty the pulp into the salad bowl.

Kiwi peel.
Cut the kiwi into cubes. Putting pieces in salad bowl.

Peeled citrus fruits.

Taking gentlemen.

Cutting orange & grapefruit to five.
Putting them in salad bowl.

Peeled mango & removing pit. Cutting to cubes.

Peeled pineapple & removing eyes. Cutting pineapple to tranches, & cutting it to cubes.

Mix, it's ready.

 The fruits are on their own. Chop it up is secret to an upscale fruit-salad.
I wish you a good week

Enjoy !