Cheesy corn fritters


*ingredients :

P / 4 people

°2 medium cans Aucy's corn (285g: net weight, drained)
°3 small fresh onions
°2 tablespoons of olive oil
°frying oil
°1 cube of vegetables
°Half a teaspoon of split pepper
°2 cloves of garlic.
+Paste :
°100 grams of wheat flour
°60 grams of corn starch
°2 whole eggs
°100 ml of milk
°50g grated cheddar (70g Emmental)
°1 teaspoon of yeast
°½ bunch of parsley or cilantro.

*To prepare :

Drain the two cans of corn. Mix the contents of the box. Book the other.
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Chop the parsley.
Peel, wash and chop the garlic cloves.
Peel and wash the onions. Cut them off.
Heat olive oil in a fry pan. Fry the onions over a relatively high heat, but without colouring. Add the garlic and the crushed cube. Pepper. Mix everything.
Let's go back for a few seconds. Add the mashed corn away from the heat. Mix well. reservation.

Break the eggs into a bowl. Add the parsley, milk and cheese.

Add flour and baking powder, sifted together.
Then add the onions to the mashed corn. Mix everything well.
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Add corn kernels. Mix gently using a spoon.

Heat the frying oil in a frying pan.
Put a spoonful of the mixture into the hot oil.
When the oil is hot, drop in about 1 tablespoon of the preparation per donut. Cook for 2 minutes, then flip. It should be golden on all sides.
Serve hot with a green salad

Enjoy !