How to clean your cookie sheets


For an easy way to clean baking paper, pour warm water over a dirty pan and place a draining sheet on top. If the board has edges, soak it in the sink or washtub with dryer sheets in the water overnight. The next morning, the baked-on residue should be easy to remove with a spatula or other flat object.

🧼 III - How to clean your baking dishes with oxidized water and baking soda:

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful cleaning agent that can be used along with baking soda to clean cracker chips. Sprinkling baking soda on  burning pan, followed by hydrogen peroxide also another layer of baking soda. Leave the mixture for up to two hours before wiping it off with a towel. Repeat process if necessary to removing tough stains. Rinse the griddle with mild dish soap when you're done.

Keeping in mind that peroxide has  bleaching effect & is not  food grade substance. Always testing in  inconspicuous area before use on baking sheets. After cleaning, rinse the stove well and wash it thoroughly.

Now that your baking sheets are clean and shiny, it's time to start baking your favorite desserts! Don't forget to set the timer, and try to use parchment paper instead of cooking spray to prevent an oily residue build-up. Share your clean experience in comments below! 🍴🧼