Mother of Boys' Guide to Getting Rid of That Bad Smell From Your Bathroom


Navigating the tricky waters of a young boy's potty training often leads to a common problem - not all of his "stuff" ends up where it should. Enter the ingenious solution from Priscilla Raquel Lloyd, a mom of three, who recently shared her secret to deodorizing bathroom odors on Facebook.

Priscilla recommends using an inexpensive traditional shaving cream to get rid of the smell of urine from the bathroom floor and around the toilet bowl. She stresses the importance of first cleaning the area with a bleach-based cleanser in order to sterilize it. However, as a potty-training mum to her three sons, she admits the unpleasant, lingering smell tends to linger despite this. solve? A liberal application of shaving cream after your regular brushing helps neutralize that nagging smell of stale urine.

If you're worried about the lingering smell in your bathroom from potty training, it might be worth trying Priscilla's hack. Thank you for sharing your tips, Priscilla!