German potato pancakes

German potato pancakes are served with savory (sour cream) or sweet (apple sauce) toppings. It's comforting and filling, making it the perfect dinner in between meatless nights!

There is a dish that I can eat 100 times in a row. potato. crepe. Yes, I posted it some time ago on the blog. Yes, I do it again. But this time, they'll be a little different. The previous version was Polish, while today I'm going to show you German potato pancakes ()!

How are they different? First, for Polish pancakes, use the smaller grater, while for the German variant, use the larger one. This is why the texture and flavor of these two are not the same at all. Another key point where these two components separate.

Polish potato pancakes are usually served with savory things like sour cream and chives or parsley, while Germans enjoy them with… apples! However, sour cream can also be used occasionally.

*To prepare the pancakes:

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