S'mores Ice Cream Sandwich


An ice cream sandwich is the best way to beat the summer heat! These S'mores Ice Cream Sandwiches are fun, easy, and above all, delicious!

S'mores ice cream is the ultimate summertime recipe that's super easy to make. Cream, all frozen between two graham crackers. Kids are going crazy for this simple hack for fun ice cream sandwiches. S'il te plait!

One of the best sounds a child can hear on a hot summer afternoon is the ice cream truck turning the corner in the neighborhood. I know I remember that sound and feeling as a child. As a working-from-home adult, you'd better believe I don't run down the street to approach the poor ice cream guy every time I crave a frozen ola. Nobody needs to see my headboard and slippers! 🙂

*Ingredients (16 servings)

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