How to remove hard water stains from the toilet

1) Remove as much water as possible from the bottom of the toilet.

2) Replace this water with vinegar, letting a good quantity flow (it is necessary to cover the stains at the bottom of the toilet). You can heat vinegar beforehand to boost its effectiveness. This will be even more descaling against lime stains in the pipes and at the bottom of the toilet.

3) Soak toilet paper and place it around the toilet, on the walls. Thus, you will be able to dissolve the encrusted limestone in these inaccessible areas. Leave on overnight. You can also use microfiber cloths that you will wash afterwards. The ideal way to remove traces of limescale in these areas is homemade vinegar gel. Since it drips less, you can leave it on the walls without worry.

4) Scrape the bottom of the toilet to remove all the minerals that are stuck there.

5) Remove the toilet paper and throw it away.

6) Scrub the places where the paper was. All the residue will go away without too much scrubbing. All that remains is to flush the toilet.

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