To prevent this from happening, you have to clean the floor often.

But if your wood floor is still dirty and unclean, just do this simple hack. Add 1-2 cups of Murphy Oil Soap in about 1 gallon of warm water and leave it there for about a minute. Get a clean cloth or sponge and dip it in warm water.

Then use it to wipe down the wood floors. Remember not to scrub too hard because you don’t want to damage the wood material.

Removes stains from clothes

Most people would agree that stains on clothes are really horrible looking at it. Most of us also hate it when our clothes get stained in public and you can’t change them. But Murphy’s oil soap is helpful in such situations.

What you need to do is spray or spray Murphy Oil soap on the stained area.

Then scrub the stained area for 1-4 minutes. By doing this, your stained clothes should be gone in no time.

All-purpose cleaner

It’s easy to create an all-purpose cleanser with Murphy Oil soap. The method is really simple and you only need two things. You need murphy oil and water soap. Then clean the area that you think is dirty.

That’s it, nothing else. Simply.

You can use it to wash your dogs

Yes, I know this is weird but trust me it works. Dogs are wonderful pets, but they can get dirty easily and when that happens they can start to smell a little foul.

All you require to do is blend 1/2 cup Murphy Oil Soap with 6 cups of water. Dip a cloth in mixture.

Then utilize cloth to washing your dog. It is better to avoid getting soap in your dog’s eyes. You can also use your hands instead of a scarf.

6- Insect repellent

Most of us hate insects, they are creepy, creepy, and weird looking. But with this hack, you can get rid of it or prevent it from reaching you.

All you have to do is combine murphy oil soap, rubbing alcohol, water, lemon juice, and cooking oil.

7- Polishing the cabinets

This is very simple. All you have to do is spray Murphys oil soap on the cabinet and use a clean dry cloth to wipe it off. If you only have Murphys oil soap in the bottle, just put 4 pieces of cork on a rag and wipe down the cabinets.

Use it to clean your shower
Use it to clean and polish the walls in the bathroom. Pour half a cup of Morphy’s Oil Soap onto a sponge and use it to wipe down the corners and walls of the bathroom.

This sucks giving you a clean looking shower wall.

A clean and shiny face basin
To do this, all you need to do is the following. Get a sponge and pour half a cup of Morphy’s oil soap over it. Use a sponge to clean the face basin.

10- Polish the kitchen sink

This is very simple to do. Just follow this advice. Get a soft, damp cloth and pour half a cup of Murphy Oil soap over it, and use the cloth to wipe the sink.

The tub will have a shiny look after you do this.

Use it to polish your kitchen counters
Use Murphy’s Oil Soap Spray and spray it on the counters and wipe them with a clean cloth. Simply. No hard work needed.

Clean stainless steel
Pour a small amount of Morphy’s Oil Soap onto a sponge. Use sponge to polish stainless steel items like utensils, microwave, oven, fridge, etc