Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe


According to Chinese tradition, Chinese New Year celebrations begin on the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar and end on the fifteenth day, the day of the first full moon of the year...  Here is a Chinese noodle recipe with chicken and vegetables that is perfect for celebrating the Spring Festival. A balanced and healthy recipe.

Nice to see you again after a wonderful week in France.! This is what I missed most during covid. I don't go back much, but I know I'm stuck in Italy and couldn't make it back to Alsace if I wanted or needed to really bother me. My younger sister defended her medical dissertation, she was brilliant (as always :-)) and we are all very proud of her. She will be an excellent doctor, and her patients will be very lucky to have her.

I took advantage of my visit to Alsace to sign my new books at the Bisey Library, a historic bookstore in Mulhouse. All the books were sold out, there were a lot of people, it's a real pleasure! Thank you so much to all who came to say hi or who thought of me from afar by sending me a little message, and especially many kisses to my lifelong friends who came to support me! 

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