here are some other things you can do with Vicks VapoRub


Vicks VapoRub, a cherished classic, has stood the test of time, gracing our households for over a century. Initially embraced as a homespun remedy for the common cold and flu, its fame catapulted in the 20th century. Acquired by Proctor & Gamble in the 1980s, Vicks' reputation quickly went global.

Comprising of menthol, camphor, and an ensemble of ingredients including thyme, eucalyptus, and nutmeg oils, this ointment provides a cooling relief. Each component has its unique benefits, ranging from easing pain and reducing itching to antifungal properties and acne management.

Today, Vicks VapoRub's utility transcends mere congestion relief. As one of the most widely-recognized OTC products, we've listed some ingenious uses you might never have imagined.

1. Soothing Headaches:

For those pesky sinus headaches, inhaling its vapors can clear blockages. A dab under your nose or a gentle rub on the temples can be remarkably soothing.

2. Combatting Nail Fungus:

With its antifungal properties, Vicks can be a savior for toenail issues. Applying it regularly, followed by wearing socks, can produce visible results.

3. Minimizing Stretch Marks & Cellulite:

Yes, it sounds unconventional! But some believers passionately vouch for its efficacy in reducing the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. Use it like a balm and see if it works for you.

4. Instant Itch Relief:

From bug bites to rash from poison ivy, Vicks has been a grandmother-approved remedy. Its ingredients can soothe and provide relief.

5. Treating Dry Feet:

For feet that need some TLC, slather them with Vicks, especially focusing on rough spots, and see the transformation.

6. Nausea Buster:

Its refreshing minty scent can potentially help alleviate feelings of nausea. A whiff could do wonders.

7. Healing Burns:

For those minor accidental burns, Vicks might provide some relief by numbing the pain and aiding healing.

8. DIY Door Lubricant:

Can't stand that door squeak? A dab of Vicks might just be the solution you're looking for.

9. DIY Shower Bombs:

Enhance your shower experience with DIY Vicks shower bombs for that refreshing burst.

10. Bruise Treatment:

An old trick from the 1920s, Vicks can promote circulation, aiding in quicker healing of bruises.

11. Pimple Solution:

That sudden pimple can meet its match with Vicks. Its antiseptic properties might just be the quick fix you need.