Pork Chips Supreme


            When I was younger and started to take an interest in learning to cook, my mom used to make this dish. This is the first one I remember doing myself.

Maybe because it was one of my favorite dishes. So, you know, the one I should know.This is severe consolation food. It fills you up, warms you from the inside out, and it's so simple.
               If you love pork chops like we do, this is a must have for your recipe collections. I can't imagine anyone getting tired of this dish. No lie, apparently the original recipe came from a cookbook my mom had that she gave me when I first learned to cook.

Of course, I made a variation on the recipe, to make it easier and/or healthier. Pork is another white meat, which makes it just as healthy. Remember, however, not to overcook the pork chops.


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