Let's talk casseroles. Now, I get it – they sometimes have a less-than-stellar reputation. Maybe it's those memory-laden, processed ingredient-packed dishes of yesteryears that often come to mind. And while I occasionally lean on those cream-of-this-or-that soups (hey, they have their moments!), I firmly believe that casseroles can be so much more.

Enter the Teriyaki Chicken Casserole. A dish that's both delightful for adults and an absolute hit with the little ones.

I cherish a good casserole, whether it plays the lead role at dinner or takes a supporting part as a side. They radiate warmth, serve up comfort in every bite, and – let’s face it – they simplify dinner prep, which is a blessing on busy days.

This particular casserole is a revelation. Bursting with wholesome ingredients, it not only nourishes but truly satisfies the palate. When I served it up recently, it wasn’t just a hit – it was a grand slam. And when my usually-reserved hubby heaps praise on a dish mid-bite, that's my cue that it's something special. You can bet this will be making frequent curtain calls at our dinner table! 🍴

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