This Is The Easiest Way To Clean Your Stove Burners


You’ll need:

  • Stove burner parts
  • Gallon-sized ziplock bags
  • Ammonia



Pour a splash of ammonia into a ziplock bag. Then place one of your stove parts into the bag and seal it, and repeat until all the parts you want to clean are sealed up in bags. (You can put between a few parts in the same bag if there’s enough space.)

Leave the bags on your countertop overnight.

In the morning, pull the parts out of the bag and use a soapy sponge to wipe away the grease and grime.

If there are a few extra stubborn stubborn spots of grime, tackle them with a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and a little elbow grease. The baking soda/peroxide paste can also help polish the shinier parts and leave them looking sparkling clean.

I think the before-and-after pictures speak for themselves!

The only part that didn’t come quite as clean as I would have liked was the burner base. But as you can see in the before photo, the part was a little rusty already, so I think that contributed to it not coming as clean as the other parts. I’ll have to use something a bit tougher on that piece, but otherwise everything looked marvelous!

I was highly skeptical of this method before I tried it, but I’m so glad I did! Now it’s your turn! 🙂