Plantain: properties and benefits of this wild medicinal herb


For generations, the naturally abundant Ribwort plantain (Plantain lanceolata) has been a go-to remedy in our local traditions. Found almost everywhere in our countryside, this wild herb, a relative of the greater plantain with its broader leaves, has been cherished for its curative properties.

Historically, it was seen as an immediate remedy in many rural communities. An old saying went, “It's quicker to reach for plantain than to visit the doctor”. Of course, this herb doesn't replace medical advice, but its healing attributes are too valuable to overlook.

Packed with flavonoids, iridoids, mucilage, tannins, and minerals, Plantain lanceolata is revered for its multitude of health benefits including its soothing, expectorant qualities, mucous membrane toning, antispasmodic, healing, and hemostatic properties.

Here are some ways you can harness its benefits:

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