This is my granddad's fave recipe ever. The house smells amazing whenever I make it


Ever had a Kartoffelpuffer? Nope, it's not a Harry Potter spell. It's actually a mouthwatering German Potato Pancake. It's super popular in places like Berlin and Cologne, where folks have been munching on them since the 19th century!

Whether it's a Christmas market, a family get-together, or just because, these crispy little delights always hit the spot. And guess what? You can jazz them up in so many ways! Love the classics? Slather them with apple sauce or sour cream. Feeling a bit fancy? Top them with some smoked salmon or cured meats. And if you want to make it a full meal, go for some refreshing green salad or sauerkraut on the side.

Let's Cook Up Some Kartoffelpuffer!

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