How to recover a wilted or damaged orchid


Orchids, with their striking beauty and elegance, are a favorite choice for home decoration. Hailing from tropical climates, these plants have unique requirements, making them a tad more sensitive than other common houseplants. If you've noticed that your orchid looks a bit down in the dumps, don’t despair! Here’s a detailed guide to breathe life back into your cherished plant.

Understanding Orchid Essentials
Orchids predominantly grow on tree trunks and branches in their natural habitat, accustomed to high humidity. However, remember, high humidity doesn't translate to waterlogged roots. Additionally, while they relish light, direct sunlight can be harmful. Instead, opt for filtered sunlight – a window sill with sheer curtains might be ideal. Orchid blooms are long-lasting, often stretching up to three months, provided they get infrequent but substantial watering, well-draining conditions, and water low in minerals.

If you've been unintentionally neglecting some of these care guidelines, your orchid might look a little droopy. But, fret not! Thanks to tips shared by Emma Almanza on TikTok, here’s a step-by-step process to rejuvenate your orchid:

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