This is one of my favorite cinnamon roll recipes that also doubles as a fast bread. It sounds as though you've spent the whole day making cinnamon rolls. Allow me to demonstrate how simple and QUICKLY this recipe comes together. 

I was surprised at how beautiful the swirl looked when I cut this Easy Cinnamon Roll Bread the other day, and then I sampled the shortbread. Oh my goodness, that was unbelievable!!! 

The best cinnamon rolls I've ever seen! If you're a fan of crispy cinnamon buns, here's how to make them. All extols the virtues of the homemade yeast rolls. 

Cinnamon rolls are an excellent breakfast option. You can either make cinnamon rolls fast and conveniently, or you can make cinnamon rolls more slowly and carefully. 

It's been over five years. The girls were adamant that I not do so, but we are actually sharing our secret cinnamon roll recipe. All crave homemade morning dessert rolls. Cinnamon rolls made from scratch. Our favorite meal to share with friends and relatives over the holidays and on every other day in the last 15 years.



– 400 grams.Of bread flour. 

– ¾ Cup.Of liquid milk. 

– ½ Cup.Of canola oil. 

– A Tsp.Of baking powder. 

– Tbsp.Of yeast. 


– 200 grams.Of fine sugar. 

– Ground Cinnamon, as desired. 

– Dried Raisins, as desired. 

– ½ Cup.Of melted butter. 

– Roasted nuts, you can use almonds, pistachios, walnuts…


– Step 1: Firstly, In a large mixing bowl, you’ll combine just ⅔ of the flour measure, with yeast, and baking powder thoroughly. 

– Step 2: Then, choose a separate dish, and combine the canola oil with milk.

– Step 3: After that, you need to pour half of the milk mixture into the flour mixture and knead; begin kneading with the remaining flour and milk mixture. 

– Step 4: And now, include the remaining flour and milk mixture and knead until the dough hits the desired consistency. Set aside the dough for a few minutes. 

– Step 5: After fermenting the dough, we roll it into a rectangular form with a screw, brushing it with thin butter, sprinkling it with fine sugar and cinnamon, and topping it with both nuts and raisins. 

– Step 6: At this point, you’ll roll the dough into a Swiss roll shape and cutting each bit to a width of 2 cm 

– Step 7: Grease a baking tray with butter and stack the dough bits, placing them in a spicy oven set to 190 degrees and baking until baked. 

You see how simple it is to gently remove the baked Fast Cinnamon Roll Bread from the plate. Additionally, there is no mess to scrub. I adore parchment baking sheets for uses other than just lining my baking sheets. ENJOY IT!!