Homemade Wendy's Frostys


This 3-ingredient Wendy's Frosty recipe tastes just like the real recipe! Avoid moving from car to car and let's mix this homemade butter in minutes with the chocolate.



All you need is chocolate milk, sweetened condensed milk, and an 8-ounce bowl of Cool Whip.

In this recipe, sweetened condensed milk delivers a silky feel, creamy, like silk, we've all grown up to get to know and enjoy it It's bright and comfortable as cold whip allows.


Use the Cool Whip skim and 1 percent chocolate milk (or skimmed) if you want to create a healthy version of this lukewarm recipe. Chocolate almond milk can also be used.


Often times, you can add a little coffee or bailey to the mix.


For everyone who prefers something more chocolate, you should use an additional tablespoon of cocoa powder.



* Required components:


° One packet of sweetened condensed milk.

° 1 bowl of cold whipped cream.

° Semi a gallon chocolate milk.



* Steps:


Step 1 - In a blender, put all ingredients and mix until smooth and fluffy.


The second step - pour the mixture into a safely frozen jar and put it for two hours in the freezer.


Step Three - Every 30 minutes, be sure to stir well. This will produce lukewarm Wendy's texture and thickness.


The fourth step -


Enjoy  !!