French fries are loved by almost everyone and they can come in many different shapes and sizes. This special recipe shows you how to make some delicious French fries and onions.

This simple plate is a great add to a full breakfast . While whole-frying usually includes buttered toast or deep-fried bread, this recipe is a perfect substitute for hash browns to get the carbs into the meal.

It's not really normal to serve potato chips or french fries with an English breakfast, however you can get away with serving potatoes in other forms by using this recipe or actually hash brown. I think this is very strange.

* Ingredients:

° Red potatoes

° Onions

° Pepper

° oil

° Creole seasoning and garlic

* directione:

Fry onions and peppers in a little oil,

Add the diced potatoes (we prefer red) and a little oil, season (we use Creole seasoning and garlic), and cook until soft. Stir regularly.

Removing from pan to drain surplus oil.

I do in oven and electric frying pan.

Enjoy !