This Homemade Onion French Fries recipe is quick and easy with two tricks. Golden crunchy outside sides, creamy inside and a light onion flavour.

It's hard to beat as a comfort food for breakfast or dinner. No fuss and delicious.

I actually hate frying, so I keep oil and frying to a minimum. In reality, the recipe employs no more oil than you would for roast  potatoes.

You might be thinking that anything fried is off limits. But frying in a pan is very different from deep frying. And check the nutritional values ​​- not too shabby 🙂 Good fiber, vitamin C and potassium. Low in calory & saturated fat.

** How to make fried potatoes and onions:

* Ingredients :

° Onions

° Pepper

° red potatoes

° Creole seasoning and garlic

° oil

* Directions :

Frying onions & peppers in a some oil,

Adding diced potatoes (we prefer red) also a some oil, season (we use Creole seasoning and garlic), and cooking until soft. Stir regularly.

Removing from pan to draiin excess oil.

I do in the oven & electric frying pan.

Enjoy !