I make these bars every year for Christmas because they are great. I agree that coconut is hard to grate without breaking the crust of a graham cracker, but I found a simple solution. Once I take it out of the oven after the coconut is baked, I use the flat side of a spoon, spray it with cooking spray and pop the coconut out. The coconut mixture is now more elastic, now that it is hot. I finished the recipe as follows. Sometimes I even sprinkle a few speckled almonds on top and make them like Alomnd Joys.

* Ingredients :

° Melted milk chocolate or dark chocolate
° 3 cups coconut flakes
° 1 cup condensed milk

* Directions :

Mixing shred coconut with condensed milk, form mold in form of a rectangle,
Adding them to the freezer for 20 minutes
Then dip them in melted chocolate.
Put almonds in it and enjoy the joys of almonds

Enjoy !