Place a Glass Of Water, Salt and Vinegar In a Room…Wait 24 Hours You'll Be surprised What Happens !


If you want to get rid of bad energy in your home, you should try this trick ! Here's how to spot and eliminate negative energy using three simple ingredients.

** Here's what you do :

1- Get completely clear glass with no graphics, colors or cuts. Also, keep in mind that you cannot reuse it again.

2- Covering a third of bowl with sea salt

3- Fill the bowl two-thirds full with white vinegar or organic apple juice.

4- Cover the rest with pure water

5- Don't move the glass, once you put it where you want it in the room. Wait 24 hours and see to see the color of the water. If it is still clear, then the energy in the room should be good. If the colors change, repeat the same, with clean water, adding vinegar and salt, until the water is clear, after 24 hours. When it becomes clear, this will be a sign that negative energy is leaving the room. Then you can make this in any another room in your house To it is free of negativity energy.