The question of cleaning the ears is very frequently asked by patients consulting an ENT doctor. She is motivated by a concern for hygiene, especially for children. And it is fashionable to present perfectly clean ears to others. However, earwax, a natural secretion from the ear canal, is wrongly considered undesirable.

Because it is not dirty. It is produced by the skin of the duct, a bit like sweat, and is deposited harmoniously on the walls, creating a protective, antiseptic and hydrophobic film. Earwax, sometimes incorrectly called human wax, has a similar composition: it is, in fact, fatty, loaded with lipids, thick, of a well-known consistency, "sticky" (but sometimes too dry), brown in color, ranging from light yellow to black, passing through all shades of brown, sometimes reddish, without this color having the slightest pathological significance.

It is transported by the skin as on a conveyor belt, coming very slowly from the depth (2.5 cm on average, and at the speed of the growth of a nail), loads in impurities, to wash up around the periphery of the duct opening. It is this “terminal” accumulation that for many justifies regular cleaning. However, it can become obsessive and cause complications well known to doctors.

Ear hygiene is an important and sometimes overlooked step in daily care, and the cotton swab is absolutely not suitable for this care. Here is a solution to clean earwax and prevent infections and ear infections.

Mix two equal volumes of white vinegar and alcohol
Then you need to take 1 teaspoon of this mixture and pour it into one ear, tilting your head to the opposite side
Stay in this position for 2 minutes
Remove excess fluid by straightening your head

Repeat for the other ear, twice a day.
If you don't see improvement in 3 days, see your doctor Directly .