CrockPot Coca-Cola BabyBackRibs

When making the ribs, I have to get my husband's stamp of approval because it's his favorite dish.There are two ways to make cocacola ribs with cocacola and both versions are a hit in our house.

* Ingredients :

° 1 rack of pork ribs
° 12 oz. CocaCola
° 1/4 c brown sugar
° 1 18 ounce bottle of barbecue sauce
° Salt and pepper to taste

*Directions : 

Spraying inside of crock pot with nonstick spray or using  liner.
Season ribs with salt // pepper to flavor .
Wrapping ribs round inside of crock pot.
Blend BBQ sauce also Coca-Cola jointly in bowl.
Pour BBQ sauce & Coca-Cola blending on ribs // simmer about 8-10 h .

Enjoy !