**Ingredients :

°3 kilos yellow zucchini, slice
°Diced-Vidalia-onion, optional
°10 five oz pack chicken soup
°1 c mayonnaise
°1 egg
°8 oz cheddar cheese
°1 tsp salt
°Half tsp black-pepper
°2 km of Ritz biscuits, mashed
°1 piece of melted butter

* instructions :

Heat oven 350 degrees F.
Wash the squash and reduce it into small medallions, or if it's far big, chop it into smaller pieces. I decide upon the smaller squash due to the fact it is tender. Putting squash in  big bowl to mixing with filling.
In detash bowl, Mixing soup with mayonnaise, eggs, cheese, onion, salt // pepper, then pour over zucchini and stir till nicely combined, then pour right into a baking casserole dish.     
Crush the biscuits while they're in the "pipes" (I generally wrap them in a dish towel to keep away from a mess, and use a rolling pin or meat thinner) or vicinity them in a resealable plastic bag.     
Pour the overwhelmed biscuits right into a bowl. Melt the butter withinside the microwave and stir withinside the biscuits till moist.
Sprinkle over the tagine.
Bake at 350°F till bubbling and brown on top (generally 45-50 minutes). Bake for half-hour covered. With foil to assist save you cookie burn.
Then discover the lid and bake an extra 20 minutes, till golden brown on top.

Enjoy !