Crockpot Lasagna recipe

This is the easiest slow cooker lasagna recipe ever - it cooks hands-free all day and is so easy to put together. Plus, it freezes well!

Make tonight an Italian night with this amazing slow cooker lasagna! The lasagna consists of a delicious meat sauce and a delicious mixture of cheeses, and is very easy to prepare. Make it for the family tonight or make it for the week.

Lasagna gets a bad rap for being a time-consuming Italian recipe, and while it's delicious, it has several steps for a quick weeknight meal. I'm here to tell you that you can have your cake (or lasagna) and eat it, too.

This slow-cooker lasagna recipe is easy to make and even easier to cook! Who knew you could toss lasagna ingredients into a slow cooker and turn into lasagna right out of the oven?


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