According to an old episode of Seinfeld, salsa ranks first in America as their favorite condiment, ahead of ketchup. I did not know. But after tasting this homemade sauce, I understand why!

That very day, I made this tangy salsa, and I had no idea I'd be deep cleaning my kitchen counters, too.
Read on to find out how this all happened.

This is where it got interesting. Let's play I Spy. Can you spot an error in this picture?
Did you find the nice drop of pink liquid coming out of my food processor? If you've filled your food processor, enough to fill the counter with a puddle about 2 feet in diameter, please raise your hand.

Yes. Me too!
Imagine me noticing the liquid all over the counters and rushing to the kitchen to find a bowl large enough to pour the tomatoes into. I lost about half of the tomato juice.

But, my kitchen counters were cleaned really well that day!
Learn from my mistake and make sure you don't cross the nice line that the good folks at Cuisinart put on the bowl.
Even with a minor accident with the food processor, the salsa came out great! The cool sweet tomatoes paired with the spicy jalapenos and limes gave my tongue plenty to think about in a good way. Dipping a salty tortilla chip into the bowl and taking a bite instantly transported me to my favorite Mexican restaurant.

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