Classic Stuffed Cabbage Rolls make a delicious and healthy dinner for a cozy night in! Rice and ground beef are wrapped in a boiled cabbage leaf, then baked with a savory tomato sauce. This easy Traditional Polish Cabbage Roll recipe is a healthy, gluten-free, low carb dish your family is sure to love!

The love started with this egg roll in a bowl and quickly grew once we discovered the sautéed cabbage and shredded cabbage.

And now it seems like I just can't get enough of these Polish Cabbage Rolls!

With their fresh grass and rice-laden beef stuffing...

Homemade sweet and tangy tomato sauce...

Sweet and tender cabbage leaves.

Not to mention they are so much fun to make! That is, if you know a few tips and tricks to make sure the cabbage leaves don't tear and you've seasoned the stuffing well.

(Don't worry, I'll cover all of these tips and tricks below!)

A word of warning though. Although this is an easy recipe, it does take some time. So make sure you have a little over an hour to prepare and cook your dish.


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