**Texas Roadhouse Steak Seasoning**

Seasoning is adding salt, herbs or spices to a food to improve its taste.
Seasoning is the art and the way of highlighting or increasing the flavors of a culinary preparation without distorting them. This is what will make all the difference but be careful not to be too heavy handed at the risk of altering the taste of your dish.

Salt and pepper but also oil and vinegar in different flavors, spices, herbs and aromatic plants sublimate and give character to food. Always remember to taste your dishes being prepared so that you can adjust the seasoning if necessary.

Prepare a mixture of spices to season your steaks, your hamburgers, but also your pork chops, lamb meat... In Quebec, we use this mixture of spices to season smoked meat, a sandwich of rye bread, topped with sweet mustard and stacked slices of smoked beef. The mixture is also suitable for pastrami sandwiches in New York delis. The (gluten-free) mixture proposed below is a personal variant of the original, it also accompanies cheese preparations, quiches and meatloaves...


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