Beef Stroganoff Casserole

Beef Stroganoff is made with beef tenderloin cut into pieces, sautéed and kept rare, served in a creamy paprika sauce.
The Beef Stroganoff recipe, very close to the traditional version. Serve with mashed potatoes.

Who doesn't love Stroganoff sauce? We love it even more when it is punctuated with red wine!
I admit I don't know where to start. My mother is an incredibly strong woman. A woman of the front who rushes to get what she wants. For her, nothing is an impossible obstacle to overcome. My mother, an intense woman. She does nothing by halves, never asking for anything in return. She is endowed with an impressive intelligence and culture. She has a thirst for learning. 

I have always been intimidated by the woman she is. Behind this woman from the front hides a gentle, loving, comforting woman. A mommy who constantly cares about the people around her. Whether it is her time or her money, she is ready to do anything for the happiness of her loves. My mom always put us (my sister and me) first. 

The most important thing for her has always been that we are fulfilled. Her great generosity meant that she was forgotten for a long time. This is why I wanted to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the exceptional woman that is my mamounette. His Beef Stroganoff is by far my favorite meal. Extremely comforting… just like my mom.


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