DIY Cinder Block Bench: Cute Outdoor Seating

I built a large wall of cinder block planters several years ago, and since then cinder block benches have been on my radar.
But until we moved into a new house last year, it didn't make sense to build a house because we didn't have a good location for that house.

I just redecorated our patio with pavers, but a bench this size is a bit too big for this space.
It will give us a place to load and unload our cars. It's also a really nice place to be, in part because they have a picket fence as a backdrop.

Also, we do a lot of our DIY projects on this part of our trail, so it would be great to have a place nearby to sit and take a break. It also had a beautiful view of our front yard.
The unfortunate thing about this place is that it is on a slope and there is a total difference of 7 inches from end to end.
We wanted to fix this so we don't slide on the seat every time we sit down. This required us to do some additional site prep work before creating this cool and simple outdoor bench.
It wasn't that bad, we ended up building one end to create a loft bed with beams, and it only added an extra day's work.
By way, cinder blocks are commonly called concrete blocks or blocks cement. It is made of concrete blended with other aggregates, sometimes include fly ash.
I think of concrete blocks as hollow blocks and concrete blocks as thin solid blocks.
DIY Block Cinder Bench Cute Outdoor Seating
These blocks are truly a flexible building material. You can using them for almost anything.
Here are some other great inexpensive outdoor furniture ideas that you can make, just by adding a few pieces of wood.

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