How to Grow Hydrangea from Cuttings

"Step Directory -Step to spread the Cuban from the pieces"
Hortensias, as well as roses and flaws, has a special place in my heart. These vibrant flowers are not only great in a bouquet, but also add a touch of elegance when cultivated in a garden. However, these vegetable varieties tend to be expensive enough, which is why I was pleased to discover a technique for cultivating the new Cuban from the existing.

If you also want to spread the Cuba, the first thing you need is either the Cuban bush in your garden, or the journalism of a friend or a family member. If these options are not available, the cobbled cultivation of seeds is always an alternative, although it requires little patience. Once a mature plant is found, take a clean and sharp pair of declaration and cut a 5 -inch rod over a knot. Ensure that the stem that cuts it is healthy and has green leaves. Remove all the leaves except for the heads and put the stem immediately in a cup of lukewarm water.

After collecting the required quantity of press scraps, the next step is to plant them. Using high -quality soil, plant the pieces, ensuring that at least two nodes are covered. Pressly click on the ground around the base of the stem. You can choose to use fertilizers or root hormone to stimulate the fastest growth and health. Above all, choose a bowl with drain holes to avoid the water task for the roots.

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