Texas Sheet Cake Recipe


For many years, this recipe has been my go-to. It was the preferred birthday cake choice for my kids, consistently outperforming other options. Not only does it yield a generous serving suitable for a gathering, but it's also moist, flavorful, and incredibly easy to prepare. Indulge and enjoy!

While I do rate the end result of this recipe with a solid 5 stars, I found that the preparation time was significantly longer than the suggested 10 minutes. Melting the butter and cocoa to a boil alone took approximately that amount of time. My recommendation is to prioritize this step so that it can cool as you proceed with other ingredients.

Instead of attempting to mix eggs and sour cream into a bulk of dry ingredients, a simpler approach would be to whisk these elements together separately, then gradually add them while intermittently running the mixer on Stir. Add the cocoa mix only when it is lukewarm to prevent the batter from curdling.

Though the overall preparation time is about 30 to 40 minutes before baking, this is when the process truly becomes effortless. The bake time is quick, and you won't have to pull an all-nighter waiting for it to cool enough to ice. If you're using a larger pan, take some time to adjust the recipe to fit; the calculations can be challenging, but it'll pay off when you don't end up with an oversized, flat chocolate biscuit.

Despite the discrepancy in pan size between the text (10X15) and the header, I advise sticking with the 10X15 dimension. You can calculate the area of your pan (192 sq in. for mine), divide it by 150, and multiply the result by 35 servings to scale the recipe accurately.

On a side note, you might enjoy trying this Egg-less Cake recipe.

By plugging this calculated number into the servings box and hitting scale, the conversion will be done for you. And don't fret over fractions like 2 1/2 eggs - rounding up to 3 won't ruin the result (I've tried it!). Alternatively, consider investing in a new 10X15 pan. Pro-tip: Sift the sugar for the icing post-measurement and pre-mixing to avoid unsightly white lumps.

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