Turkish bread


Flatbreads - of all shapes and sizes - are loved around the world. Most regions have their own variation on certain types of flatbreads, some are leavened, some are made with baking powder.

They're easy to prepare and cook (no oven needed), and best of all...they're absolutely delicious!This Turkish bread is made with dry yeast, which provides greater taste than that of conventional flatbread. Adding milk to the dough makes it more crumbly when baked.

Enjoy it with a chickpea spread or savor it with curries. It's even good on its own!It turns into your new preferred facet dish!

Store flatbread in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.You also can save the raw dough withinside the fridge for approximately three days.Alternatively, the dough balls may be frozen for up to three months.Just make certain to wrap it tightly in plastic wrap.


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