Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders


Bacon + chicken. Sounds like a win already, but add lots of savory seasonings and chili powder - the brown sugar mixture and let me tell you, my friends, you have a triple threat.

The perfect blend of sweet, smoky and spicy. I made it for lunch and loved it. Even Isaac loved it, which was surprising because they have a little kick to them and he loves spice.

I wasn't sure how I'd like it when I saw chicken and bacon covered in brown sugar and chili powder and I really don't like the taste of overcooked meat. Boy, I was wrong.

It was mild but the other flavors balanced it out perfectly. It was like a little celebration of flavors in my mouth, all merging happily. When served hot from the oven, they really taste like they've been grilled!

I had something very similar to this as a bite sized appetizer, but the chicken was not pre-marinated so I wasn't that impressed.

The spices make them like whoa! You can really add any seasoning you want, but I've included a mix below that I like to use. it's easy.

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