My mom makes the best cinnamon rolls. I don't make cinnamon rolls... I wanted my mom's cinnamon rolls, but she was gone. So I had to improvise. Enter cinnamon roll, or as our 2-year-old calls it, the cinnamon roll bun. In this cinnamon roll cake recipe, mixing brown sugar & cinnamon to a white cake and top with frosting. My mom makes the best cinnamon rolls. I don't make cinnamon rolls...I desired my mom's cinnamon rolls, however they have been gone. So I needed to improvise.

This cinnamon bun recipe is easily a favourite in my house. I actually thought I share this brownie recipe  long time ago... turns out I didn't. You see, when you cook as much as I do, things get confusing. Could it be because of the sugar? No... In short, it's simplest cake in the world. My kids even asking for it for their birthday cake which I find so weird... hi no butter... but we all know kids are weird. Or maybe they aren't... This cake is so good. This cinnamon bun is easy, take your favourite bun and shape it into a bun. Top with cinnamon, butter, and brown sugar and top with cream, this cake is sure to become a new favourite


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