Donut Doughnuts: How to make them irresistible !


This simple homemade donut batter is made with flour, milk, egg yolks, yeast and sugar, then the donuts are fried and dipped in sugar. This recipe is easy to make and makes a super fun little treat! Do it once and you'll never use a different cookie recipe. It is so good!

These homemade muffins are a classic recipe I've been making since I was little. It always makes me very nostalgic when I do that.

When I saw my daughter waiting for me to fry the donuts, I remembered sitting at the counter in my grandmother's kitchen, resting my head on the palms of my hands, looking at her in all her movements while homemade donuts bubbled in hot oil.

Grandma made a lot of them, making sure everyone in her big family had as many cakes as they wanted.


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