How To Clean Toilet Bowl Stains | 5 Quick And Easy Ways


Second Method: Utilizing Baking Soda and Dish Soap

Create a potent cleaning mixture by combining half a cup of water, half a cup of dish soap, two tablespoons of white vinegar, and one and two-thirds cups of baking soda. Stir until smooth, eliminating any lumps.

Transfer the solution into an empty spray bottle. Shake well and spray onto bowl stains. Scrub away the stains using a toilet brush and then flush to rinse off the solution and stains.

Cleaning Toilet Bowl Stains with Bleach

Bleach, a well-known cleaning agent, can also be used effectively. Pour half a cup of dry bleach powder into the toilet bowl. Allow it to sit for at least two hours, during which the stains will begin to fade. Flush away the bleach once finished.

A useful tip: You may also opt for "CLOROX," an effective cleaning product that contains bleach, instead of using solid bleach.

Cleaning Toilet Bowl Stains with Borax Powder

Borax powder is another potent cleaning agent, typically available at hardware stores. Before starting, close the water supply to the toilet tank and flush to empty the bowl. Directly sprinkle a handful of borax powder onto the stain, then scrub the stains using a toilet brush.

After thorough scrubbing, allow the borax powder to sit on the stains for at least half an hour. Then reconnect the water supply and flush out the borax powder and stains from the toilet. Repeat as needed.

Cleaning Toilet Bowl Stains with Coke

Coca-cola, though primarily a popular beverage, has mild acidity that can be harnessed for cleaning purposes. It can effectively clean your toilet bowl without the use of specialized cleaners. If you're seeking a non-toxic cleaning solution, coke is a superb choice. Below are easy steps to clean toilet bowl stains using coke:

First Method: Direct Coke Application

Step 1: Use a standard-sized soda can or bottle. If you're using a larger container, measure out a cup or two.

Step 2: Pour the coke into the bowl and around the rim, allowing it to flow over the stains. The gentle carbonic and phosphoric acids in coke work great for cleaning. Ensure all stains are well-coated.

Step 3: For stains above the water level, soak a piece of old rag in coke and apply by hand. Alternatively, fill a spray bottle with coke and spray onto the stains.

Step 4: Allow the coke to sit for a few hours or even overnight. Flush the toilet to rinse away the loosened stains. Repeat if needed.

Second Method: Scrubbing with a Brush

Scrubbing can help eliminate stubborn stains. If flushing alone doesn't remove the stains, try scrubbing before and after applying coke.

Third Method: Adding Household Cleaners

Sometimes, coke alone may not work on extremely stubborn stains. In such cases, other cleaning solutions may be necessary:

Create a solution using equal parts coke and lemon juice and double the quantity of borax. Apply this to the toilet bowl and let sit for an hour before scrubbing off the stains.

Alternatively, mix half a cup of vinegar and a quarter cup of baking soda in a half-gallon of water. Apply this mixture to the toilet bowl, scrub, wait an hour, and then flush. Repeat any coke treatments as necessary.

Note: Coke may not remove certain stains such as oil or grease-based stains and dye, ink, or pigment stains. It also cannot disinfect your toilet, so you may need to use an alcohol-based sanitizer or a commercial cleaning solution.

Cleaning Toilet Bowl Stains with Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP)

TSP is a water-soluble inorganic compound used for heavy-duty cleaning and stain removal