Is your plastic cutting board looking a little worse for wear? Discover how to banish stains from plastic cutting boards employing hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap. This is a straightforward, eco-friendly cleaning guide.

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I have a trusty white plastic cutting board that I typically use for slicing meats and poultry. Its storage is simple, and its maintenance is a breeze, thanks to the dishwasher-friendly nature.

However, there's a hitch when it comes to plastic cutting boards - they're prone to discoloration or staining after just a few months (sometimes even weeks) of usage.

Those stubborn brown stains that no amount of scrubbing seems to get rid of are particularly pesky!

Thankfully, I've stumbled upon two hassle-free solutions to eliminate stains from plastic cutting boards, and the good news is you won't need any bleach!

Ways to Refresh Your Stained Plastic Cutting Boards
There are two simple yet effective techniques to rejuvenate your stained cutting boards:

Hydrogen peroxide soaking.
Creating a paste with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap.
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How to Utilize Hydrogen Peroxide to Refresh Your Cutting Board
Good old 3% hydrogen peroxide can do wonders to bleach out those stubborn cutting board stains if allowed to work for a sufficient amount of time.

Position the stained cutting board in the sink.
Douse the cutting board with hydrogen peroxide until it's thoroughly wet.
Let the hydrogen peroxide do its magic for several hours, even overnight if possible. (You'll notice the stain becoming significantly lighter.)
Finally, give the cutting board a good wash with soap and water, and let it dry completely.

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