Sausage Cream Cheese Crescents


Sausage & Cream Cheese Croissant - Only 3 Ingredients! Sausage, cream cheese and croissant. Can do the filling in advance. It's perfect for breakfast or as an appetizer. Whenever I take them to a party or food, I never have leftovers. People go crazy over this stuff!

I've been making sausage and cream cheese croissants for as long as possible. I got the recipe at one of my first jobs out of college, and I've been making it ever since. It's very easy to make and tastes great.

These crescent bites are very easy to prepare. Start by browning the sausage. While the sausage is cooking, cut it into small pieces. Drain off any fat. Mix cooked sausage with cream cheese. Cut the cooled croissant in half. Top each roll with the sausage mixture and bake.


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