Poké cakes are among the best desserts to feed the masses. There's no frosting, you don't need a special pan, and it always turns out moist and delicious thanks to the liquid you pour over the cake after punching a few holes in it. This poke cake has one of my all-time favorite flavors: butterscotch. Then it's topped with caramel—another favourite. There is nothing better than a Toffee Caramel Poke Cake.

When i went to the grocery store to get the ingredients, my heart sank a bit when i got to the toppings section. They no longer have the usual dessert drink. I had two options, one of which was artificially flavored which I don't like. So I had the only other option which was a bourbon caramel topping.

Honestly, I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did. But I actually liked it more than the other kind I usually buy! If you want to add depth and excitement to this (already) amazing cake, this is the way to do it. It turns out that lucky break was a great addition to this recipe for me. If you have an option in your supermarket for bourbon caramel syrup, I highly recommend this substitution.

Cake base is simple yellow cake mix. After baking, use a thick wooden spoon to make a bunch of holes in the cake. You can also use the thickness of thin wooden slices. In any case, you have to make a lot of them. When you think you're done, add more.


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