Twix cookies

Twix Cookies taste like classic candy bar in cookie form! Crispy wafers are covered in  swirl of caramel and milk chocolate in this recipe.

These cookies are inspired by the satisfying blend of flavors of a twix bar. Crunchy, sweet and crunchy, Twix cookies are a great experience for kids and adults!

+Reasons You'll Love These Twix Cookies

Homemade Twix Bar - These cookies pop when you crave a candy Twix bar!
EASY TO MAKE - It takes no more effort than a regular shortbread cookie recipe with amazing results.

Chocolate Caramel Cookies - If you like the combination of caramel and milk chocolate, these Twix cookies are for you!

Kid-Friendly Dessert - No child can miss chocolate covered wafer cookies. They would make a fun after school snack or dessert to share after dinner.


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