Vanilla Custard Cream Squares


While this dessert is a bit complicated to consume with out creating a whole mess, it competitors any decadent layer cake.We say the crunchy layers of puff pastry and sparkling vanilla cream are really well worth any easy cleanup that would happen. You see, it's the complete package.It's ethereal and creamy and candy sufficient and all smashed with that little morsel of puff pastry.(A sprinkling of more powdered sugar would not harm either.)

It is based on a pastry popular throughout Central and Eastern Europe called "kremsnite". Well, it has many names (kremsnita, cremeschnitte...) but most of them mean 'a slice of cream'. We are sure they are all delicious.Our model is genuinely no-bake and capabilities a short vanilla custard crowned with an ethereal layer of whipped cream.

The ingredient that makes these slices unique is puff pastry.You bake  sheets of puff pastry for most effective ten mins and allow them to cool at the same time as you figure at the fillings. Place parchment paper under pan, then layer with vanilla custard and whipped cream. Cut the other sheet into squares before placing it on top - this makes serving much easier - and sprinkle everything with powdered sugar. Put it in the fridge to chill for a few hours, but for such a lovely pastry, it's really simple!

A note on the rum: We found that it cuts through any eggs stuck to the custard, but this is entirely optional, so feel free to leave it out if you prefer.


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